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Posts Carousel inserts a box into your web page in which blocks of information (images and text) are displayed, automatically or manually changing from one element to another through a fade animation.

In the Posts Carousel you can define the position of each one of the elements it contains (images, text and menu), its colors, the font used for the text and the time interval for the animation, making it a very adaptable product for different website designs.

Highlighting specific sections within a website can define whether these will be accessed by your users or will remain completely ignored; the most recently published articles, the featured products, or gallery images. Posts-Carrousel is a product that allows to increase the relevancy of your website sections in an attractive and functional way.

Websites are of the most valuable sources of information published on the internet; there are literally thousands of personal websites on all kinds of topics: sports, pets, climate, sciences, etc. But to manage the images that go with the texts can be a hard task for most website publishers; here's where community-based photography can offer a great alternative to obtain new, fresh material.

Photoshow is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that helps website publishers to select images for publishing. Photoshow uses millions of images available on one of the most popular photo servers in the world, Flickr. With Photoshow, all you need to do is to define selection criteria for the images, the amount of images to show, the time interval between images and finally a Flickr API key. To obtain a Flickr API key click here.