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Comments Inserter Widget for Facebook

The Comments Inserter Widget for the Facebook™ comments is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to insert a Facebook comment system in any website. This Dreamweaver extension provides multiple advantages over other ways to insert this widget, such as:


  • All insertion and visualization is done visually from the Dreamweaver menu. No need to deal with the code.
  • Allows to specify the URL related to comments or automatically identify the URL of the current page. The ability to automatically identify the current page is a feature added by this product, thus not available in the original Facebook widget.
  • Includes notifications to your email address to let you know when comments are added or deleted. This functionality has also been added by this product since the original Facebook widget doesn't include an implementation to send such notifications.
  • Prepares the page so that you can moderate comments directly from the same page.
  • Includes configuration with all the languages available on Facebook.
  • Does not require an Application ID, does not require prior registration on Facebook, the process of integration through our product is basically reduced to a few clicks in Dreamweaver.
  • We offer technical support if you need it in order to integrate the comments on your page.

All this makes Facebook Comments Inserter an excellent tool for integrating the Comment Facebook Widget with minimal effort, minimal time and maximizing the capabilities of this system.

Using the Facebook comments system has several advantages, including:

  • Comments can appear to the user's friends on Facebook which is a way of promoting your website.
  • Since these comments are posted by real Facebook profiles, they are less likely to be considered spam, and are more trusted by users.
  • You can insert comments into any page, even static HTML pages.
  • Allows users to register not only with their Facebook ID but also with the ID's of Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail.

However, if instead of Facebook comments widget, you prefer a traditional feedback system, then we recommend this other Comment System available as an extension for Dreamweaver.


Image 1: Sample Facebook Comments Widget.
facebook comments widget


Mandatory requirements:

  • Requires Dreamweaver MX or later versions (MX, MX 2004, DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC...)

Optional requirements:

  • If you wish to moderate comments then you will need a Facebook account (can be your personal account) to identify who will be the comments' administrator.
  • To receive automatic notifications whenever a comment is added or deleted, your server must support PHP or ASP scripts and it should be allowed to send emails from your server.


Once you downloaded the product, double-click on the file with the .MXP extension to install the extension in your Dreamweaver.

Double-clicking on the .MXP file will load the extension in the Adobe Extension Manager. Installation will complete automatically. If you don't have the correct version of Adobe Extension Manager, you can download it for free here.

After installing the extension, restart your Dreamweaver and you will find a new option in the menu Commands >> Insert FaceBook Comments.


Open the page where you want to insert the Facebook comment system, and click on the exact spot where you want them to appear in order to select it. Then go to menu Dreamweaver >> Commands >> Insert FaceBook Comments and the following dialog will be displayed:

Facebook Comments Widget Inserter

The setup fields are:

  • # Of posts: Indicates how many comments you want to display simultaneously.
  • Width: Specifies the width occupied by the comment box.
  • Color scheme: A choice of light and dark color schemes, so you can select whichever is best suited to your page design.
  • Language: Select the language for your comment system. Includes all the languages currently supported by Facebook.
  • URL to comment on: In this field you can optionally specify a URL referring to the comments. If you leave this field empty, the URL of the current page will be identified automatically. If the same page appears with several different addresses, then it is advisable to indicate the main address of the page.
  • Your Facebook User ID (optional): If you want to allow someone to moderate comments, enter your Facebook ID in this optional field. You can get your Facebook ID on this page.
  • Email Notification Area (Optional section): This area is optional and can be used to receive notifications about new or deleted comments, so that you always know when to review and / or moderate comments.
    • Server Side Script: Enter the script that your Web server supports for sending notification emails. The script can be PHP or ASP.
    • Email Address: Indicates to which email address the email notifications should be sent.

Finally click on the OK button to insert the Comment Facebook widget in your site. After that make sure you upload the page onto your Web server and also upload the folder "DE_FacebookComments" that has been generated within your site.

Important note: Moderation options may take a while in appearing due to a Facebook cache. You can try refreshing the cache by entering your URL at this page: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/lint/

Image 2: This is a sample Moderation View for the Facebook Comments Widget.
facebook comments widget

In the above image note the link to the "Moderation View" and the "Moderate" link for each comment.

Instant Download

Preferred payment method:
Pay with Paypal or Credit Cards


Paypal: You will return from Paypal to a direct download page. A copy of your personal donwload link will be sent to the email address used for payment.

Be sure to check also your spam/bulk mail folder.