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DreamweaverExtensions.com, offers Dreamweaver extensions and tools for Web designers and developers. We are working in a new set advanced extensions based in our previous experience with web development and Dreamweaver tools.

Web have a wide variety of products for Web developers and site owners, mainly extensions for Dreamweaver, calendars, form processing tools, review services, search engine marketing and positioning, e-carts, galleries, etc... You can access some our websites from the CodePeople's page.


Car Rental System Car Rental System - 24 Mar, 2012
The CP Rentacar System, a car rental software, is a complete web-based management system for car rentals. It includ...

Posts Carousel Posts Carousel - 05 Mar, 2012
Posts-Carrousel allows to increase the relevancy of your website sections in an attractive and functional way.

Advanced Database Relational List Advanced Database Relational List - 10 Jan, 2012
Advanced Database Relational List is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows you to associate multiple lists...

Advanced Form to Excel PHP Advanced Form to Excel PHP - 09 Dec, 2011
The Advanced Form to Excel PHP is a Dreamweaver extension that for automatically saving the data from a form into a...

Survey Manager Survey Manager - 02 Nov, 2011
Survey Manager is a web application to facilitate the creation, publishing and analysis of survey responses

Text Tools Text Tools - 05 Sep, 2011
Text Tools displays a contextual menu when you select some text from a web page. The menu offers a set of options a...