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Car Rental Software - Public Website

The page shows an example of how can work the Public Website of the CP Rentacar System, car rental software.

Public Website - Basic Description

The Public Site is the one seen by the final users - clients who wish to rent a car. It allows the entire rental process. While this site can be modified and adapted to each situation (and thus appear very different in each particular case), we are going to show an example of how it can work.

Content, language and data handled on the public site are editable and can be set up from the administration area. The images below represent only one example of a rentacar system. Keep in mind that many other different systems can be created using mutliple setup options available in the admin area.

Also please note that graphic design can be adapted as well and there are several templates included with the system by default. In the demo images we will use the simplest version to concentrate on features.

The homepage shows, by default, a welcome text, the fleet of available cars and a form with dates and locations to start a reservation process:

car rental welcome

A second step allows to select a car according to its category and basic rate:

select a car

The third step allows to select extra features, show applicable charges and automatically apply the mandatory charges such as taxes:

select extra features

A fourth step allows to enter user data or start a session if the user already has an account:

enter user data

The fifth step allows to confirm all the data before sending the reservation:

confirm all the data

With the booking registered in the system, you can offer the option of confirming it with a payment, which can be made at that time, or later, depending on which payment method you wish to offer, and depending on the amount of time that you are willing to give your clients to proceed with the payment:

confirming car rental

Payment methods and car details to be shown and data to ask can be fully controlled from the administration area, as we will in the section about the car rental software administration area.

Other sections of the public site include pages, such as "About us", "Terms of Use", a contact form, links to select the desired language, list of car types available in the fleet, and a client area where customers can consult their past reservations.

We recommend to see the online demo to access more details, and also to review the admin section. You will realize that the system is much more detailed and adjustable than what it appears at first sight.

Read more about the car rental software at the main page.