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How I can change the appearance in a published survey?

To change the appearance of a published survey, you only must to follow the steps:

  • Go to the section: Surveys list, in the Survey Manager system
  • Press the "publish" button at right of survey description
  • Select the new appearance to use in the survey
  • Copy the code generated in the TEXTAREA and replaces the survey code in the web page where the survey was published

The replacing of survey code don't affect the survey responses.

I have defined an email to receive notifications about surveys responses, but I have not received any email.

By default, the survey manager system uses for send emails the "localhost" as SMTP server and assume that not authentication is required.

You must to ask to your hosting provider by the real data of SMTP server for send email, and follow the steps below:

  • Open the file "survey/php/SENDMAIL.INC.PHP" in the text editor of your preference.
  • Go to the piece of code:
    define('SMTP_SERVER', 'localhost');
    Replace localhost by the real ip of the SMTP server.
  • If the SMTP server of your hosting provider requires authentication, then, search the piece of code:
    define('USE_SMTP_AUTHENTICATION', false);
    define('SMTP_USERNAME', 'your_username');
    define('SMTP_PASSWORD', 'your_password');
    Changes from false to True in 'USE_SMTP_AUTHENTICATION', and replace the texts: your_username and your_password by the correct user name and password.

How I can modify the colors, font size or another visual aspect in survey?

Every of appearances in the Survey Manager System have a style file associated. The style file contain the visual aspect of survey elements.

To modify a visual aspect in all surveys that share the same appearance: go to the directory "appearance". Every folder inside the directory "appearance", is an different appearance to be used in the Survey Manager System. In this case you must to edit the .css file in the appearance that you want to vary.

If you want to modify the visual aspect only in an particular survey, then, creates a new file of styles with the classes modified, and include it at the end of the web page where the survey was inserted.

Why I can't upload images to the Survey Manager System, to insert as part of surveys answers?

The Survey Manager System stores the uploads the images in folder: "survey/uploads", so, the "uploads" directory requires permissions for writing.

You only must to modify the permissions in the "uploads" directory through the FTP Client of your preference or using the control panel offered by your hosting provider.

Where can I get the Adobe Extension Manager?

You can download the Adobe Extension Manager from the following page:


About getting the download link after the purchase.

If you purchased the product using Google Checkout, the instructions for accessing your purchase will appear in a yellow box at the top of your Order Receipt page (into your Google Checkout account):

After accessing that link you will get a copy of the product and a copy of the download link will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check your spam/bulk mail folder if you don't see the email into your inbox.

Setting writing permissions to a folder.

On Linux/Unix based webservers, FTP programs ("clients") allows setting permissions for files and directories on your remote host. This function is often called chmod or set permissions in the program menu.

Writing permissions is similar to "777" permissions or "rwx-rwx-rwx" permissions. You may see some of these representation in your FTP program.

On Windows based webservers the permissions should be set through the webhosting control panel.