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Customer feedback is essential to any business or service. Knowing the opinion of your users and their preferences can make all the difference between a successful business and a fiasco. In web projects it is exactly the same, knowing what users have to say is critical.

There are many techniques to obtain information from users, but one of the most extensive and effective ones is the survey. Through surveys we can analyze a whole set of topics you need information about to achieve a quality service.

To facilitate the creation, publishing and analysis of survey responses we have developed a survey management system, Survey Manager. Survey Manager is a web application with very basic requirements allowing its publication on the majority of web servers.

The Comments Inserter Widget for the Facebook™ comments is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to insert a Facebook comment system in any website. This Dreamweaver extension provides multiple advantages over other ways to insert this widget, such as:

Text Tools displays a contextual menu when you select some text from a web page. The menu offers a set of options as:

  • it allows to perform a Google search using the selected text as search term;
  • it can zoom the text for easier reading;
  • it facilitates the publication of selected text into your Twitter to share with your followers;
  • it enables sending of an email message containing the selected text.