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Recently, mobile devices have experienced a fast development, and so did data networks for these devices. This development has led to a substantial increase in the amount of people using their mobile devices for browsing the Internet. Statistics show that the number of users of smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and cellphones based on Android and Symbian operating systems, has increased the consumption, from these devices, of services and information published on the networks.

Websites have had a slightly different development: most websites have existed for several years and are not optimized for display on devices with tiny screens such as mobile phones. Because of its complexity, the cost of modifying all these websites is extremely expensive for their owners and webmasters, if we take into account that not all devices support HTML standards equally.

Mobile-Optimize is a more economical solution and it is adaptable to a variety of websites: a tool capable of transforming the structure of a website to increase its adaptation to smaller spaces such as the mobile devices' screens. With Mobile-Optimize, web site owners can extend their web presence to include the constantly increasing number of mobile device users. There are many mobile devices that only show a very small set of HTML tags; for these devices Mobile-Optimize displays web pages through a mobile service offered by http://www.google.com/gwt/n.