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Advanced Form to Email ASP is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows you to automatically send data from a web form to an email address.

This extension for Dreamweaver, Advanced Form to Email PHP, automatically recognizes information entered into a web form and once the form has been submitted, sends it to you by email. Highly flexible, it can be set up in a few clicks and represents the easiest method ever of processing online forms.

In recent years, Apple has been known as one of the leaders in innovation, in both technology and design. It is proven by such market-leading devices as iPod, iPhone and iPad. These innovations have now become trends followed by most of web developers who in their projects have incorporated visual features and controls similar to those used in Apple devices. But developing these new controls is not an easy task. We have undertaken the task of developing a set of controls that not only meets the needs of experienced web developers, but can also be used by any web enthusiast.

Smart List is a control that imitates the way listings are displayed in an iPhone. Smart List contains a list of links defined by the user, and a letters column on the right, which acts as a shortcut to move directly to the options beginning with that letter. The Smart List's visual aspect is simple and sleek, and it can be changed directly in the visual styles file.

Smart List has been developed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which simplifies its use and integration into your website.

We have created iPhone Calendar for all those web developers and web enthusiasts who wish to follow the design trends introduced by Apple and identify their websites with new Apple devices.

As its name suggests, Light Date Picker Calendar is a calendar that can be inserted into a website form, following the visual principles of the iPhone calendar, it's installation and use is extremely simple because it has been developed as am extension of Adobe Dreamweaver. With the Light Date Picker Calendar the users need not to enter a date anymore, just select it.

Apple fans have always liked the checkbox display mode controls in the iPhone, and that often stimulates them to incorporate similar features into their own websites. The checkboxes are controls that have two states, selected or not; in the iPhone they are shown as an "On/Off" switch. For all developers and web enthusiasts who admire iPhone, we have created Touch OnOff, a checkbox whose design and behavior is based on the similar controls used by the iPhone.

Touch OnOff has been developed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, facilitating its insertion into webpages. Touch OnOff stands out because of its simplicity and its intuitive setup window.

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One of the most significant visual controls developed for the iPhone are its buttons, those shown on the top bar as well as push buttons. The first group has a very specific design: you can distinguish at first sight which of those buttons directs us to a previous screen or to the next, thanks to the arrow symbol in one direction or the other. In the push buttons case, two states are differentiated when we have a button selected on the webpage. We have created iPhone Button based on the iPhone visual controls that allow us to insert links with visual features that unveil its semantics on a webpage.

iPhone Button has been developed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver which makes it extremely easy and intuitive to insert such buttons in a web page.

Text Fields are used for a variety of data types such as entry of e-mails, phones, etc. Which is why sometimes it becomes important to have some kinf of explanatory text to clarify for the user the meaning of each text field. In its gadgets such as iPhone, Apple has been faithful to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, and created text fields that allow to understand at a glance what each of them is meant for. To provide equal ease to all web developers and web enthusiasts, we have developed Light Edit, a text field that can represent a common text field or a field that can be used for entry of a telephone number, email address, or simply to filter search.

Light Edit has been developed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which facilitates its insertion into website. Its use is simple and intuitive.

The Advanced Form to Excel PHP is a Dreamweaver extension for automatically saving the data from a form into a CSV file and sending a copy of those data to an email address.

It has a single step configuration step that makes easy its use and includes a lot of configuration options to make it work exactly according to your needs. For example, you may want use only the CSV/Excel part or only the email part, you can visually add multiple email recipients, customize the form subject and from address, automatically process file uploads including which type of uploads you will accept and if the upload should be sent as attachment into the email and many other useful configuration options, as mentioned above: all can be done into a single insertion step from the Dreamweaver menu.

Advanced Database Relational List is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows you to associate multiple lists or comboxes, obtaining list options from a database. Advanced Database Relational List requires MySQL as database manager and support for PHP script on your web server.